Mineral Water Plant

When it comes to your family’s health, there is no compromise in what you feed them. Water being an essential part of life, it is important to gain access to clean water which is safe for consumption.

Water World’s mineral water plant is embedded with an advanced membrane which ensures even the last of chemical particle is filtered out, giving you water that is safe and healthy for consumption. From purification to labeling, our plants carry out every step for the process with great care and precision, promising results that are satisfactory.

The Process of Filtration

Mineral water plants work not only to purify water but also to maintain its mineral content. Here is how things proceed:

  1. The water is first collected in a tank from various resources.
  2. It is than loaded with alum for coagulation and allowed to sit for over an hour, until all the solid waste particles are seen settled down.
  3. Water is then transferred to the chlorine tank for chlorination.
  4. Once done, it passes through sand and carbon filters to kill odor and trapping the remaining contamination particles.
  5. The disinfection system ensures no bacteria or toxins remain behind and then, the water ends over for proper, professional packaging.

Give your family only the best to drink

Water World promises to provide your family with water supply that is 100% safe and healthy. Our plants are cost effective and work efficiently so that the consumer’s get nothing less than the ordinary.

These plants are known to get rid of 100% contamination while maintain the mineral content of the water unlike other ordinary plants. Our experts work not just install and operate the plants on request but also stay by your side for as long as anticipated just to ensure things on your end run smoothly.

Mineral Water Plants Dubai

The Mineral Water Plant by Water World uses the most advanced technology to achieve outcomes that are brilliant!
Our mineral water plants disinfect water, balance the pH, and kills odor, making the water suitable for drinking for the family.