Best Water Maintenance Services Provider in Dubai, UAE

When the sun promises to burn you with heat, it is the best time to plan a pool side party, jump in the water and cool off. Even though, the water of swimming pool at resorts and hotels seems all clean and clear, it needs to be treated for illnesses causing bacteria in order to maintain the health standards.

Water World has been working in the field of water filtration and maintenance for years; this is why we take pride in providing top-notch services to both commercial and domestic swimming pool users. Our maintenance services and supply of water for swimming pools allows you to dive in and take a swim without worrying about your health.

Our services include:

  • Testing for acid levels and maintaining the pH of water
  • Pumping out the waste
  • Removal and cleaning of trash from the surrounding
  • Through cleaning of the waterline tiles
  • Disinfecting water with chlorine
  • Inspection and backwash of filtration equipment

The Importance of Pool Maintenance Services

In recent times, the world has seen a hike in the number of cases that were caused by water-borne diseases. Hence, it is important for every commercial and domestic swimming pool owners to keep their pools in good shape.

Hiring professional maintenance services reduces the risk of catching an illness through water. From through cleaning of the waterlines tiles to changing water every week while maintaining its pH and acid level, Water World offers it.

Not only do you remain safe and healthy while enjoying a dive with your friends and family but also have to spend less on repairs of the pool if kept well maintained. It simply prolong the life of the facility, keep the swimming pool germ free and give your client’s a clean, sparkling place to enjoy themselves.

Why should you choose us?

Our experts are highly trained in their field of interest and we use only the best, modern equipment to get the work done. We are proud to follow international standards and procedures of pool cleaning maintenance, which is what makes Water World stand out from the rest.

The pool maintenance services that Water World offers are top=notch yet can be hired at extremely affordable rates. Our prices are lower than that of the market which is why we have been able to reach out to a larger chunk of the population and satisfy them with what we have to offer.

And best of all, the services we offer are customized according to the client’s need. So if you wish to only hire our cleaning services without having us changing the filtration system, we’ll do it just the way you have asked!

For people who do not believe in pool maintenance services often end up spending hundreds of bucks on getting it repaired every other day. Plus, no one like to come to a facility that is dirty, has mold growing all over and smells bad!

We at Water World promise to keep your facility in perfect condition so those who visit once are tempted to come back again!

Offering professional maintenance services at affordable rates

The pool maintenance services that we offer are conducted under professionals with years of experience. Thus ensuring the water in your pool is free of bacteria and good to use.