Industrial Services

The Water World Limited is a global network of providing quality Water Treatment Services to Industrial Corporation and businesses. A diverse range of services are offered including Industrial Services Operation. Water World Services covers a wide range of industrial operations and its innovative filtration technology can be adapted to nearly all types of wastewater treatments and purification processes. Our ultimate goal at Water World Limited is to provide our clients with quality and safe water and build long term relation with them.

We at Water World believe in Ultimate innovation and since the last 20 years, we have been assisting a wide array of businesses and industries for their respective benefits. In these years, they developed their experience professionally and are capable enough to provide services in your best advantage.

Industrial (RO) Plant Services

Backed by our in-depth industry expertise, we are offering an unmatched range of Industrial RO plants to our valuable clients. Its exclusive designs, elegant performance, and long durability make it best for your industry. A wide range of pre-treatments are offered in order to improve the credibility of the RO plant such as standard multi-media filters, Ozonation Systems, and Pre UV sterilizers. In addition, the De-gasifiers and activated carbon filters are extremely efficient in order to purify the water for industrial purposes.

The effectiveness of our Industrial RO plants can be identified as we make strict measures to make sure our RO plants are embedded with effective membranes so that water filtered through is rich in mineral content yet free from all sorts of contamination. In addition, our Boiler/Chiller plants can also be extremely crucial for industries that require a different state of water.

Commercial (RO) plants services

With a continuous rise in demands for RO plants, we also provide highly effective RO plants for commercial purposes specifically. This water treatment also uses the phenomenon of Reverse Osmosis that makes it extremely cost-effective and competent. Our commercial RO plant systems clears all corrosive and unnecessary salts, chemicals, metals etc, making water safe for tools and types of equipment deployed in commercial set-ups.

The reverse osmosis procedure reaches its completion after purification at multiple levels such as pre-treatment processes, high-pressure pumps, and assembly of membranes, disinfection and PH adjustments. Its distinctive features such as highly durable factory tested systems that are compact, easy to install and operate. In addition, heavy-duty UPVC piping (ASTM scheduled) used for RO pressure piping along with the availability of TDS monitors to check the water quality makes our RO plants best for you.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plants

With increasing concerns of our clients related to water contamination, we have developed a Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant that is an advanced purification method equipped with latest technology to provide drinkable water in our homes. Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO) for domestic purposes is one of the best methods available for Ultra-Filtration Along with the installation of reverse osmosis plants for domestic purposes we also are available for maintenance and commissioning of reverse osmosis plant. Our Reverse Osmosis plants aims at giving every household access and supply to clean water that is not just safe to drink but is cost-effective as well.

Ultra Filtration Plant

Water Ultra Filtration plant enables to purify water molecules based on their molecular weights.via usage of a trans-membrane pressure. This allows eliminating pathogens, viruses, and impurities from the water. Other purification methods usually require maintenance from time to time however Ultrafiltration method works is maintenance-free and works in a pretty cleaner way. The distinctive features of our Ultrafiltration plants include a wide PH range, easy to be operated; low investment cost and is highly energy efficient.

Mineral Water Plant

None of us can compromise on quality drinking water for our families. Water World Services develop purifying mineral Water Plants comprising of the Water treatment plant, rinsing and filling machinery, blowing machinery labeling and taping machinery and SS storage tanks. Purifying, packaging, bottling and labeling mineral water is not an easy task as thought and requires a complete procedure. Our professional experts make sure that each and every step in the filtration process is executed with precision and care in order to ensure that you and your loved ones receive quality water

Textile Effluent Recycling Plant

Millions of gallons of water are used in the textile industry each day in the processing and fabric dyeing. The requirement of such a huge quantity of water with the hazard of environmental damage caused if the Toxic Industrial water released into the rivers makes it extremely necessary for water to be recycled.

This is why we at Water World Limited have taken up the responsibility. We are highly efficient in the installation of Effluent Treatment Plant and Up-gradation of it.

Offering Durable RO Plants at Market Competitive Prices

Our water filtration plants for industries are embedded with latest technology, making them durable and perfect to complete tasks at a larger scale.